Health Resort

The therapeutic qualities of water

Thermal experience

For 200 years these waters have been used for the treatment of dermatological conditions, but also, since the year 2010, they have been incorporated into the team of dermatological doctor Montserrat Pérez creating the Dermatoboí programme. Caldes de Boí has become the only spa in Spain to offer skincare that combines medical rigour with thermalism.
For this reason, when creating the dermatological range Caldes de Boí in your skin, we have drawn on the vast experience in balneotherapy acquired at the thermal centre, bringing the maximum scientific rigour to each one of the formulas.

Caldes de Boí in your skin space and corner

The spa features a space uniquely dedicated to the dermatological treatments with formulas in the range Caldes de Boí in your skin.

What’s more, a Therapeutic sensory circuit has been developed, which submerges the senses in an authentic thermal experience.


To bring continuity to the treatments, all the products in the range can be acquired in the corner in your skin where specialist staff advise you on the most suitable products for each skin type.