Respect for the skin’s natural state

Direct from nature, Caldes de Boí in your skin submerges your skin in an authentic thermal experience

The exceptional properties of the minero-medicinal waters of Caldes de Boí are now brought to your skin by Caldes de Boí in your skin. A minero-medicinal dermatological range which has, as its main active ingredient, millennial water, rich in trace elements and with a special mineral composition.

The combination of the water, the spa experience and a millennial history meets in our formulas for skincare for all skin types, particularly the most sensitive. Because by preserving the purity of the main active ingredient, the minero-medicinal water, other principally natural active ingredients that are kind to your skin and the environment, are added. 

And to preserve the skin’s nature, Caldes de Boí in your skin will bring it to life, offering hydration, elasticity, maximum softness and a pleasant sensation of well-being and comfort. Thanks to its calming, desensitizing and antioxidizing effects, it will also keep your skin bright, firm and youthful.

A formula based on water and scientific rigour

In the formulation of any cream up to 60% can be water, used as a dissolvent for the other components of the formula and as a mixing agent to produce the emulsion. Caldes de Boí in your skin makes the major component of the formula, the water, into its principal active ingredient.

The water. A source of health and well-being

The Caldes de Boí in your skin minero-medicinal dermatological range uses water from three different springs:

Water from the “Font del Bou”:
a constant and exclusive composition. Rich in trace elements and low mineralization. It has a concentration of silica that is unique in the market. This mineral has an effect on the structure that supports the skin, endowing the water with regenerative and rejuvenating properties.

Water from the “Font del Boix”:
a constant and exclusive composition. Its richness in trace elements and its very low mineralization give this water calming, desensitizing and protective qualities. It reduces redness, protects from oxidative stress, brings softness and well-being.

Water from the “Font de la Tartera”:
it has been used since the 19th century for the treatment of dermatological conditions thanks to its chloride, sulphates, sodium and sulphur content. Currently it is being used to cultivate sulphur-rich algae, for the development of Sulphaterm®, a peloide (thermal mud) used in dermatological therapies.

100% respectful products

Caldes de Boí in your skin only adds principally natural active ingredients to its exceptional molecule, respecting the skin and the environment.

A new and innovating application ritual, maximum guarantee of formula protection

Caldes de Boí in your skin uses the first jar in pharmacies which, thanks to its watertight compartment, protects the formula from external impurities, improving the shelf life of the creams and preserving the millennial active ingredient which comes from the subterranean layers of the Pyrennees, the minero-medicinal water.

One of the main missions of the Caldes de Boí in your skin range is to bring the skin the unspoiled properties of its formulation based on principally natural active ingredients that respect the skin and the environment, as well as preserving the stability of the minero-medicinal water. For this, tubs patented by Airfree and Airless are used, preventing the creams from coming into contact with the outside and becoming contaminated with external impurities. Because of this, the protection of the formula is totally guaranteed.
nuevo e innovador ritual de aplicación

New application ritual

1. Unscrew the lid

2. Place the finger at the opening of the tube, at the end opposite the grey drop.

3. Press gently and slide the finger along the tube to get the first dose. Apply to the cheeks.