A thermal experience for your skin

Good Day Cream

Say good morning to your skin

Good Day hydrates and wakes up the skin, providing it with energy for the whole day thanks to spring water from the Font del Bou, enriched with magnesium and sodium. Hyaluronic acid keeps the skin firm, offering an anti-ageing effect,while the vegetable-based active ingredient, Pacifeel™, soothes and offers a pleasant sensation of comfort.

C.N.: 190713.4

Good Night Cream

A restorative rest

Good Night promises your skin a good night, working during your rest time so that you wake up with your skin feeling rejuvenated and restored thanks to the deep hydration formula, made from minero-medicinal water from the Font del Bou, enriched with calcium and silicon, and EssenskinTM which provides density, firmness, elasticity and softness, Matrixyl which stimulates the proliferation of collagen proteins, and the antioxidizing and rejuvenating action of vitamins A and E.

C.N.: 190714.1

Bye Bye Make-up Make-up removal mousse

Goodbye impurities, hello clean skin

With Bye Bye Make-up skin says goodbye to make-up and impurities that accumulate throughout the day, and says hello to a deep clean, as well as softness, comfort, elasticity and a velvety appearance thanks to the minero-medicinal water from the Font del Bou, enriched with magnesium which increases the hydration of the cells and inhibits the substances that reduce elastin, and with calcium which regulates the permeability of the cellular membranes. What’s more, camomile and Bisabolol extracts, with calming and desensitizing properties, offer balance and Edelweiss extract gives a more youthful and luminous appearance.

C.N.: 190712.7

Skin Cure Serum gel

Transformative power for your skin

With Skin Cure skin recovers its well-being thanks to the minero-medicinal water from the Font del Bou, treated with sodium, calcium and magnesium, which hydrates and offers a pleasant velvety sensation. With Phytosan K, the best ally for caring for stressed-out skin, CalmosensineTM which reactivates beauty relieving facial tension, Bisabolol which has desensitizing properties which soothe the most sensitive skin types and Edelweiss extract, which eases the signs of ageing. All of this, with the active power of the serum and a gel texture that penetrates the skin in the most efficient way.

C.N.: 190716.5

360º for Men Cream

Full care in one cream

With 360º for Men men’s skin has everything it needs. After your daily shave, the minero-medicinal water from the Font del Bou, thanks to its rich zinc oxide content, helps avoid irritations and soothes small cuts and inflammations. Sodium, calcium and magnesium are also added to the water, bringing hydration and softness. Phytosan K renews stressed-out skin and together with Edelweiss extract contributes to reducing the effects of ageing. And Affipore™, an agent that reduces sebaceous secretion, refines the pores for less shiny skin.

C.N.: 190715.8

T3Oil Emulsion

Quenches skin’s thirst

T3Oil is an essential extra for all skin types, from head to foot. Its restorative and extrahydrating power is intended for all areas of dry or extra-dry skin on the body. Its three natural oils – Neem, Argan and Olive oil – with a creamy texture and rich in vitamin E and antioxidizing elements prevent the skin from ageing. Minero-medicinal water from the Font del Bou, urea and hyaluronic acid offer softness and a layer of deep hydration.

C.N.: 190717.2

Thermal Water Thermal water for sensitive skin

Fresh mist

The skin needs water to feel alive. That's why hydration is the best ally for healthy, youthful-looking and beautiful skin, especially in the hottest, driest months. And, apart from moisturising creams, an essential complement for keeping skin hydrated is Thermal Water.

C.N.: 177453.8

Thermal Water + Thermal water for devitalized skin

Youthful mist

Thermal Water +, rich in minerals and trace elements, is a youthful mist for the most challenging skin types, which require regenerative, hydrating and rejuvenating action. Thanks to the high concentration of silica and the added contribution of silicon in its composition – crucial in stimulating the synthesis of the supportive tissue – it eases wrinkles and enhances the skin’s beauty. What’s more, these trace elements together with calcium and magnesium, offer the skin deep hydration, important throughout the year.

C.N.: 177454.5
From the minero-medicinal water spring Font del Bou in the very heart of the Pyrenees, with a constant and exclusive composition, acquired from a subterranean millennial journey.
Its properties have been unique since Roman times. The first analyses were carried out at the end of the 18th century to be able to give the waters a beneficial value for the skin.
After successive applications it helps to recover the aspect of youthful skin, by providing hydration, softness and care.
Caldes de Boí